What is WiFi Tethering

By | February 14th, 2010

Wifi tethering is probably a new term used by cell phone users. It’s the sharing of internet connection of your cell phone on other wifi devices. It transforms your cell phone in to a wifi router which almost behave in the same manner as a traditional router, enabling the sharing of internet on the other wifi devices.

wifi tethering What is WiFi Tethering

For the purpose of tethering you need to buy certain software for your mobile phone. Some new cell phones are coming with the built-in software. The whole process is very simple your cell phone with the internet connection (GPRS/EDGE)  will be the source of internet for the other wifi devices. With wifi tethering you can get rid of traditional methods of internet connectivity from your cell phones to laptops and other devices using data cable, internet sharing, usb modem/dongle etc. Joikusoft is the company mainly dealing with the wifi tethering software’s. Nokia N97 has built-in JoikuSpot software for the same purpose. HTC HD2 recently came up with wifi tethering built-in software.