Hardware Insight is maintained by a team of Computer System Engineers. The sole purpose of this blog is to educate general public about the computer hardware, and bring them a technical perspective and performance analysis in general and the latest trends in the world of computing in particular.


Jawad Masood is the founder of Hardware Insight. He is Passionate about blogging, web, hardware, CUDA and Cloud Computing. “I believe in sharing good stuff and I hate spammers. My aim to uplift all the people on the web to a level where everyone can freely express his/her thoughts and ideas with anyone. The next era is the age of web and we need to build good friendly communities online, free of spammers and hatred.”


Usman Aziz is the co-founder and editor of  Hardware Insight. He loves Gaming and has in-depth knowledge about hardware in general and graphics card in particular. He also works as a freelance writer. “I love blogging, it’s my passion. Besides blogging I play computer games and watch TV series. I joined Hardware Insight to utilize my experience in best possible way and learn technology trends along the way. If you have any query related to computer hardware, feel free to ask me and I’ll try my best to guide you.”


Stuart Vivers is in his second last year at school at Scotland. He is passionate about video games and wants to adopt game design and development as his career. Stuart is responsible for giving you authentic and first hand game reviews and news. “I love gaming, especially RPG’s, MMO’s and FPS’. I’m also really into TV, I watch shows like South Park and Family Guy, I am also a fan of the NHL hockey league.”
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Talha chaudhry is a student of Business Administration with an aptitude towards marketing. He is passionate about smartphones and cellphones and writes reviews and articles covering business and IT. He’s always busy exploring something new and spends most of his time on internet. “I love TV series, my favorite ones are TBBT, Prison Break, friends and dexter. I spend my free time searching for a fine movie or some new TV series.”
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Hamza Iqbal is the newest member on our team. He is an A level student from Lahore and wants to pursue journalism as his career. He strongly believes in discovering one’s own hidden abilities and talents. He also believes that “those who dream are those who achieve”. During free time, he likes watching movies, reading magazines and cooking. Hamza is also well talented in debating and public speaking.
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