Unlock / Jailbreak for Windows Phone 7 Available for Download

By | November 27th, 2010

The Windows Phone 7 OS has apparently been jailbroken for the first time, only weeks after it’s official release. This hack will allow unlocking of low level functionality to access private and native APIs and load applications directly.

The mod that is developed by ChevronWP7 is announced to be working on any WP7 device and it’s already available for a free download. According to the download page, the process is completely reversible and doesn’t risk bricking your phone. However using the tool might void your warranty, hence you at your own risk.

Warning: Since this is the first release of this unlock tool, you might face some stability and performance issues. Thus only those with big hearts and some experience and recommended to try it out, at least for now.

Read out the detailed procedure for unlocking here.