Top 10 Games 2009

By | September 25th, 2009

1. Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game produced by Infinity Ward and will be published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game will be released officially world wide in November 2009. It is the sixth sequel of the series Call of duty and also referred to as: Call of Duty 6.

Modern Warfare 2 is going to be the biggest release of the year. Call of duty is one of the most played war games and because of it huge fans number most probably it’s going to be the winner this year. Most of the people haven’t played any other war game as much as they might have played COD, the campaign is good and the multiplayer put it above every other game and in my opinion there is something addictive in COD that satisfies both casual and intense gamers.

Modern Warfare 2 Top 10 Games 2009

Modern Warfare 2 will be the new standard of multiplayer because we all know that we played COD4 and that was what took up most of our time. The graphic are going to make the hearts pump and the new game play is so freaking awesome, graphics are slightly better then previous Call of Duty but those physics are amazing.

Unlike Halo 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 actually brought new guns that they didn’t have into the game and some new attachments like the Heart-beat sensor. From what I saw, “Halo 3”, is pretty much the same-old game. It’s quite a different because they brought things like Riot shields, radar jams, knife throwing, new kill streak items, Dual attachments, syntrex (Stickies), and other items that bring Call of Duty back in business and different enough to make it interesting. Many people will agree that the weapons Graphics are very high, and also how the weapon react. But when we are talking about movement or mobility and damage this game is somehow slow! No offence to fans, the game is still great and fun. This game is simply amazing. November come quickly can’t wait… be sure to reserve your copy.

2. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is an upcoming sequel to Left 4 Dead. The game will be released in November and would be available world wide for Microsoft Windows PC and Xbox 360. The game will be focusing the survivors fighting against the Zombies, the survivors are supposed to reach the safe houses through the level and their final goal would be getting on a rescue vehicle in the final stage.

There is skill involved in left for dead 2; Its about strategy, making use of the Molotov’s and pipe bombs you find, making sure you stick together and have each others back at all times. It’s not so much the skill of the individual in that sense, but the skill of the team as unit. Do not go alone all the time always stick too your team no matter what …and look out for each other that the actual strategy.

left 4 dead 2 Top 10 Games 2009

This will be great for those who didn’t pick up the first copy, and will definitely breathe a little bit of fresh air into the repetitive game play. We’ll definitely see some improvements in this game as there were plenty of elements that needed fixing or updating in the first one most important is the feel of the guns, it felt like you were playing with toys in the original. The graphics have been improved a lot but you have to think about the fact that if you have a lot of zombies on screen with amazing graphics the game would go jittery as hell.

The game is mostly about shooting (where’s the strafe jumping, where’s the rocket jump (gauss)) but you have to admit, senseless shooting of massive hordes is fun in itself. Like the first one ,this will be fun the characters looks amazing. . Its fun the first times to see all mutilations and the rest of the sweetness, but it gets boring rather fast. It would be cool if they could add some progression mode where you get stronger and better etc the further you get kills you make. Something like that. This game has a lot more blood than the first one it also has more weapons this game has a very high chance of being sold out in many stores I recommend pre-ordering it.

3. Prototype

Prototype is an action game developed by Radical Entertainment. The game was released in June, 2009. The gaming action is done in Manhattan New York where all the people are infected with vulnerable virus and the military forcing are working to end it up. The game revolves around the Alex who is a super human with some extra ordinary capabilities. He is a strong enough to lift a car, and he can run faster than a car, he is a skilled fighter besides he has the ability of space shifting in his body and some other unique capabilities Alex has cooler clothes, but his weapons are uglier then the weapons of the real one, his shield looks like a rusty piece of metal.

prototype Top 10 Games 2009

This game reminds me of Spiderman web of shadows or The Incredible Hulk, but this game is phenomenal. The game is really good for those who like killing , jumping, climbing up wall , having powers without a real limit, a good story, and who liked assassins creed. It has Call of duty graphics which is standard and a great game with solid concept, worth playing.

4. Street Fighter IV

Street fighter is one of the oldest and famous fighting games entertaining its fans since 1999. Street Fighter IV was released in June 2009 and it has already sold over 2.5 million copies. The game play is still in its traditional 2D plane, while camera having freedom to move in 3D during the fight in certain effects.

street fighter 4 Top 10 Games 2009

The game has introduced certain attacking move that makes it different from its series. Besides the 12 original character of the games they have introduced four new characters named Able, Crimson viper, Rufus, El fuerte. The game has certainly improved its graphics and has also included some new eye catching visual effects.

5. Infamous

Infamous and excellent game which was released in June 2009.  Some fascinating points of this game is moving around the city is easy and exciting, fast combat with a variety of awesome powers, engrossing story with interesting characters, powerful moral choices and great pacing and lots of different mission types. It looks pretty cool. I’ll probably wind up getting both this and Prototype, just because the mechanics in each are going to be somewhat different. Guys if you haven’t played the game go for it now.

6. Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X is an air combat which was released in March 2009. Graphics are amazing, game play is amazing, a large verity of aircraft and mind blowing weapons. The only thing missing from hawx is manual take off and Landing which would have made the game epic.

hawx Top 10 Games 2009

The graphics and the planes are really eye catching but the story line needs some work like that of the ace combat. This game is pretty awesome (but I think the Ace Combat series was better). The only thing I hate about it is on versus; everyone uses the all aspect missiles only! Nobody uses their guns, or any other missile. They just lock on with the all aspect and fire 2 away every time it recharges. Game lacks some realism; there is a reasonable difficulty in the control. Otherwise the game is absolutely excellent I will tell you honestly, and only wish to help that its not a flight simulator its great action game.

7. Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed II is another upcoming game which will be released in November 2009. It looks to be improving on everything from the first game: Assassin creed I. They have made all these new actions fit in smoothly with the old control scheme. As for the missions as long as they can help affect the outcome of the final kill I’m all for them. It was one of the announces that the mission in the first game didn’t really make it any easier, or help change how you pulled off the hit. That thing with the bodyguard does make me hopeful though.

assassins creed 2 Top 10 Games 2009

I think people have to take into account that Ubisoft built an entirely new engine and tools while making Assassin’s Creed I with that new engine and tools. The second time around I am sure they have been able to focus more on the game play rather than the fundamentals of the engine and tools. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is going to be a lot better than the Assassin’s Creed I

8. Empire: Total War

Empire: Total War was released was March 2009, developed by the creative assembly and published by SEGA game. It is the 5th part of the series: Total war. Great thing about Total War games is that they don’t try to take sides, also they are educational i.e. important discoveries/scientific inventions are highlighted as you traverse through the time line and you also learn where important geographical locations are in the world.

The game is daunting for someone who doesn’t have experience with this kind of massively complex PC game, but, like all the best of its kind (the Civilization series, for instance), it has a lot of elements that help you understand what’s going on and help you learn. They are not obscure, like the Paradox games for instance. And there is a community where you can find guides and advice. Once it starts rolling, the game is absolutely fascinating and amazing in it’s sheer scale. I was never a fan of Shogun, for some reason, and only moderately liked the first Medieval, but starting with Rome I became a big fan.

empire total war Top 10 Games 2009

The game is a bit too tactical and deep for me to appreciate properly. I found the sea battles visually spectacular but understandably slow and plodding compared with the land based ones. The campaign map graphics are slow and clunky, irrespective of what graphics card you have. The graphics on the fights, while sharper than the older games have terrible, stilted animations, even some “Ice Skating” as units slide across without moving their legs. Even with the latest patch, unit patching is terrible forcing you to micro manage each unit, that’s assuming they don’t get stuck or refuse to shoot, amongst the many things that can go wrong.

I love the game play of this game and yes the game would be a masterpiece if it did not crash. I cant see how 3 patches still have not sorted these issues .game developers need to be made accountable I am no expert but the only real pc developer left with any credit is blizzard I cant recall any blizzard games I have got having major crash issues.

9. Star Craft

It’s a military science fiction game, the game was released in February 2009 and it is one of the most selling games of this year. It’s a multiplayer game for up to 8 players, the game is basically about three species named Terran, Protoss, Zerg. In this game 30 different missions will challenge you and you as a leader have to expand your force. The game has campaign editor with the help of which you can edit your campaign as desired.

10. War hammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

It’s a real time strategy game which was released in February 2009. DOW 2 take this evolutionary attitude, and turns it in Revolutionary, completely changing most of what we have always known about RTS. It has stripped off things like base building or resource gathering, to focus or strategy positioning and enemy flanking

dawn of war 2 Top 10 Games 2009

Dow 2 is based more around the fluff, where space marines are almost unstoppable death machines that can wipe out armies on their own. But unlike other games (who are a copy of each other) this one if a pretty revolutionary one, including factors like covers, suppression fire and flanking. This game is based on a 25+ years old tabletop game called War hammer 40000. Blizzard was supposed to create one of the first computer games based both on Warhammer40k and War hammer Fantasy (simil game but with fantasy setting). Copyright problems raised and Blizzard chose to make their own universes. That’s how Warcraft and Starcraft have been created.

Basically, Star craft’s Terrans are inspired to Warhammer40k’s Space Marines. The Zergs are taken from WH40k’s Tyranids, and Protoss are a mix of Eldar and Tau Empire elements. If you scroll some of the Blizzard games credits you can also find thephrase “thanks for not suing us Games Workshop” (the WH40k owners).

Hey Gamers! I would love to have your comments. I have also compiled a list of expected PC games 2010.