Super USB Mobile Phone Charger

By | August 27th, 2009

The vast number of mobile devices have always made it difficult to manage chargers. Nearly every mobile phone company has a unique charger, and even after decades, a universal standard is yet to be made. It’s frustrating that  every time we get a new phone, we have to buy a compatible charger.  Is there a solution to this insanity?

1452 super usb cellphone charger Super USB Mobile Phone Charger

Yes, there is! A new USB charger has surfaced which supports nearly all charging pins. This universal charger can be used to charge nearly all mobile devices and charges through the USB port. The list of supported interfaces is below.

  • Nokia 2.06mm (or 2mm)
  • Nokia 3.5mm
  • Sony PSP
  • Motorola (V3 series) & HTC and other phones using USB Mini 5 pin as a charging port
  • Micro USB (for Motorola V8…)
  • LG
  • Samsung (20P (s))
  • Samsung (20P (M))
  • Sony Ericsson Fast Port
  • iPhone / iPod (for charging and Data HotSync

1452 usb iphone charger 3 Super USB Mobile Phone Charger

The only catch is that it cannot charge more than one device at one time. However, it can act as a replacement to your standard charger. Due to no attached adapter, it is light weight and can be easily crammed in your travel bag. It can also be used for Data HotSync for iPod and iPhone. The charger can be had for $9.99 with international shipping possible.

(via GearDiary)