Speak without Talking [Research]

By | March 7th, 2010

Shut up and talk! Now technology can make that happen. The German researchers are working on this new technology where you can do silent conversation. You are silent but the other person you are talking can hear you.

I was taking the train and the person sitting next to me was constantly chatting and I thought “I need to change this”

Professor Tanja Shultz of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

The chemistry is based on measuring the electrical signals that are produced when we speak. The electrodes are stuck on the user’s face which catches up the tiny electrical signals produced by the moment of muscles. These signals are forwarded to a device which amplifies them and transfers them to a computer via Bluetooth. A specially designed software converts these signals in to text that can be spoken by synthesizer.

This technology can be further modified to be used in cell phones where it could be targeted to a mass market. The technology also has great implications for the people who have lost their voice. The technique can also be used in noisy environment. It would take some time before we practically see this product in the market. However, its obvious that the device will bring some new trends in the telecommunication industry.

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