SIMFI – WiFi Router in a SIM

By | February 13th, 2010

I always have connectivity problems using my 3g internet over my laptop. Using data cable, internet sharing,USB  dongle/modem, it’s too complicated. But things are going to be pretty simple from now onwards as Sagem Orga and Telefonica are coming up with a SIM card enabled with WiFi router named as SIMFI. The chemistry of the this device is based on the use of the SIM card as a wifi router. The SIMFI enables you to use internet connection (GPRS/EDGE) from your cell phones on your WiFi devices ( laptops, cell phones etc). Hence you can share your internet data from one cell phone to many of your WiFi devices.

simfi SIMFI   WiFi Router in a SIM

The SIMFI will operates with the service provider’s connection (GPRS/EDGE) or call it the main source of internet. Using SIMFi your cell phone will work as a traditional WiFi router and you can use the internet data plan of the same cell phone on many other WiFi enabled devices. I am certain that the service provider are not going to like this device because its going to have a major impact on the internet consumption. But on the bright side it’s a lot convenient for the customers.

You might be having some questions regarding its functionality, its frequency and much more. For the answers sit back and wait as more information will be unleashed in couple of days.