Seagate Replica: An Easy way to Backup your Data

By | July 12th, 2010

Sometimes you can’t risk losing your data from your hard drive. You never know when the viruses are going to jam your PC and destroy all of your data, or somehow your hard drive might have a physical failure. There are several ways to back up your hard drive data. You can burn CD’s/DVD’s, use USB devices, and several other techniques, but all of them are time consuming, limited in terms of their storage capacity and comparatively unreliable.

Seagate Replica Seagate Replica: An Easy way to Backup your Data

Recently, I was visiting Seagate’s product line and my eyes stuck at this amazing data storage device that has everything that is needed to backup you data. Seagate Replica is an automatic storage device. It provides you with the most convenient way to back up your hard drive data. Most of the people don’t have enough time to manually backup each and every single file or a document. With Seagate replica you don’t have to spare time in performing a manual backup, Replica will automatically back up all the files on your hard drive including your operating system programs and settings.

All you have to do is plug-in Replica in a 2.0 USB port; you don’t need any tiresome installation or configuration. Every time the replica is connected to your PC it will analyze the changes, so that your PC is continuously backed up. Replica provides a complete protection to your important data. In case your PC hard disk crashes or is hit by some serious viruses you have nothing to worry about, as you can recover everything from your Replica. You don’t have to connect replica all the time with your PC, as replica can catch up with changes made in your PC hard drive anytime later you connect it to your PC. Replica provides you with password protection for the safety of your data. Further, you can connect to the internet and update the replica software from its official website.

seagate replica unboxing Seagate Replica: An Easy way to Backup your Data

The data backup could take several hours, but replica won’t obstruct you from doing your routine work, you can always run the Back up process in the background. Replica comes in 250 GB storage capacity for single PC and 500 GB storage capacity for multiple PC’s, with a spin speed of 5400 RPM. You can pick any of them according to your needs. It is recommended that your replica storage capacity should be ahead of your PC hard disk capacity. Multi-PC version also includes a convenient vertically standing dock. Replica comes with 5 years limited warranty at a cheap price of $80 for 250 GB. For further information download the Seagate Replica official user’s guide.