Portable Ubuntu on Windows

By | April 13th, 2009

Ubuntu Portable is now available as a free application for Windows. This means that now we can run Ubuntu OS as a program inside Windows. It gives nearly all the functionality of the full Ubuntu version. What’s more exciting is that it can be carried in a thumb drive to anywhere, and can be started from nearly any Windows based computer. Thus it allows you to run Linux applications on Windows seamlessly.

portableubuntuscreenshoch1 Portable Ubuntu on Windows

The Portable Ubuntu can be directly run from the thumb drive, and it can be used as a standard Operating System with installing and using Ubuntu programs and manipulating files. The work done can also be saved on host computer, or the thumb drive, and can be carried away to be worked on some other machine. The interface is a standard orange GNOME based.

It can be downloaded and distributed freely.

Download Ubuntu Portable for Windows Here


The installation is simple. Just extract the downloaded file on your Local Hard Drive, or a thumb drive. Now open Command Prompt ( For Windows Vista and Windows 7, enter cmd in search bar, for XP enter cmd in the run Windows ) , reach to the extracted folder, and type run_portable_ubuntu. That’s it! The application will start. Allow any prompts given.

portable ubuntu2 Portable Ubuntu on Windows

The Windows Displayed can be used as a complete Ubuntu interface, with its own Desktop, and installed application. Furthermore, this can also be made to run on multiple monitors, and run both the Windows and Ubuntu simultaneously.

portableubuntu 500x375 Portable Ubuntu on Windows

The best idea is to install any desired softwares, not available in Windows, and take them to anywhere, and use them with full functionality. As it runs as a standard Windows program, it can be shut down by just closing the main Window.

For detailed installation procedure, watch this video.