Moodagent plays Music Based On Your Mood

By | December 24th, 2009

When it comes to music, people get very choosey. I always say that music defines your state of mind. Some listen to Heavy Metal like I do, and rest like Jazz, Pop, Hip-Hip, Blues. And often people want to listen to different music in different moods. It’s more of a psychological behavior. In the world of iphone apps which has no limits, a new app Moodagent has recently appeared. Precisely, this application creates a playlist according to your mood.

moodagent Moodagent plays Music Based On Your Mood

The application provides you with certain options regarding creation of different playlists from different perspective.

  • With in few seconds Moodagent can create up to 25 different playlists, some fine new combination of music from your entire collection. Music that fits your mood. The app will instantly create a playlist based upon your current music collection; you can choose colorful mood and tempo sliders.
  • You don’t need to drag music in to playlists by yourself; moodagent wizard will automatically generate a playlist for you. You can also save the playlist for future.
  • Pick a personal mood, rhythm and style for each playlist. Use the simple interface or just pick a song to match your wild mood swings. You simply slide the mood icons up and down, and it creates a playlist. If you want, you can start with a seed track and moodagent will take over.

mood music Moodagent plays Music Based On Your Mood

With Syncing, It can also analyze your music library, get online and profile your songs to give you with more music with the same taste. The app is free for a limited time, Give it a try, probably you will like it.

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