Minecraft – Your Gateway to Fun [Video Game]

By | November 29th, 2010

I have recently come across a relatively new game which entered alpha stage in June. When you first see thing game you might be thinking ‘WTF!’ but seriously, do not be put off the pixel graphics, the graphics are what make the game amazing. Minecraft is a highly creative game but also pushes the aspects of survival and a wee bit of RPG. The game is created by a man called Markus Persson , aka, Notch who is a developer and programmer from Sweden.

The game is becoming very popular with the Beta just around the corner. The game doesn’t have a story line, but it does have a great survival mode. In survival mode you must collect materials like wood, iron or stone to make a shelter with (or you can just mine straight into the ground and set up a cave shelter – It’s up to you!). You can make a variety of tools, items, materials, weapons, vehicles etc. to help strengthen your defenses. Then once the sun goes down, the bad things come out and will try to breach your defenses and kill you. If the monsters kill you, you will respawn but you will lose all of the items in your inventory and action bar.

You can build almost everything that pops into your head. One of my favorite parts of the game is that you can even build train tracks and start a little transport system. The game isn’t for everyone however. If you’re into game in which you follow objectives this game may not be for you. It can feel very overwhelming when you are randomly dropped into a world that is 4 times as big as our own Earth and have nothing to do. However, you will start to see the Minecraft world differently as you start to play. And when you create you first structure, mine, track etc. you will get a real sense of accomplishment and you’ll want to keep making more.

You might need to look up on minecraftWiki to get all the crafting recipes but once you have the hang of it you will start to enjoy the game so much more. The game currently costs €9.95 for the downloadable version in which you can save games. Or you can play free in your browser but you won’t be able to save. Markus has said that he will raise the price of the game to€20 when the game is officially released but players who have already bought the alpha version and versions before will not need to pay any extra. So buy it now if you want a real bargain and get ready to Dig for Victory!

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