Microsoft My Phone is no longer Beta

By | October 8th, 2009

microsoft myphone Microsoft My Phone is no longer Beta

Yesterday Microsoft launched the full version of My Phone which was previously ‘beta’. I have been using this application for a long time and it’s one of my favorite Windows Mobile Applications. ‘My phone’ app is a free application that provides your Windows Smart Phone with safest synchronization with your online account/storage. You can always access your synchronized content from your PC by using the windows live account.

It offers scheduled synchronization in the background which allows you to perform other task simultaneously. They have added some new features in the new version of the app that weren’t available in the beta version like:

Locate your lost phone with My Phone:

Microsoft My Phone offers a cool new feature to locate the lost/stolen smart phone. If you’ve lost the phone the free service will show you, on the map, the last location when the smart phone was synchronized or performed any other activity using Microsoft My Phone. However, if you have the premium service, it will also tell you the current location of your phone. For now the service is limited to few regions.

Lock your phone with Microsoft My Phone

Although this service is premium but it’s available freely for limited time period. With Microsoft My Phone you can easily lock and delete data from the phone to protect your privacy. You can either delete all the data or choose a specific data to be deleted.

Save space on your phone

Microsoft provides a storage capacity of 200 MB where you can backup the documents, messages, photos, videos, music and other type of data easily. The desired data can easily be synchronized and transferred to you phone anytime you want.

I give my full recommendations for this app. Try it, visit: Microsoft My Phone