Lockitron uses iPhone App & NFC to Unlock your Door Locks

By | May 14th, 2011

The uses of smartphone is pushing its way into our real lives as well such as the the Lockitron App for iPhone that lets you unlock and lock your door locks. It also works with the NFC technology as well as SMS to allow remote door access as well. Furthurmore, the solution is pretty cheap and can be installed easily to your door knobs.

lockitron Lockitron uses iPhone App & NFC to Unlock your Door Locks

The service uses internet as well as SMS to communicate messages remotely between your smartphone and the branded door Knob. In NFC (Near Field Communication) setup, you can open the door knob just by taking your device near to the NFC chip installed near the door knob. The current supported devices for NFC include Samsung Galaxy S.

The service also allows guests and family to visit you by unlocking the door using SMS that is pre-described and shared by you. Thus the secret code inside the SMS acts like a key to access the door. This allows you to make the door accessible by your near and dear ones while still providing security and convenience.

The locks are available in almost all popular styles that could be adjusted to your main or internal door and knobs. The locks start from a price of $295 and above depending on the combinations. Read and more and order from the link below.

via TechCrunch