iPhone 4 bad Reception Confirmed

By | June 25th, 2010

As the numbers of complaints have been increased regarding the antenna issues of the new iPhone 4, the customers are likely to hold their orders for a while until Apple properly look in to this problem. It started with few customers claiming that when you hold your iPhone 4, the hand blocks the antenna causing a gradual decrease in signals which ultimately leads to a bad reception.

iphone antenna iPhone 4 bad Reception Confirmed

Just to make it clear, iPhone 4 has an antenna at the bottom left hand side of the phone well integrated in to its stainless steel body. Bad reception shows up almost every time you touch your hand on the lower left end and the bottom. iPhone 4 antenna has also been criticized because of its signals maintenance. Ironically, this is what Steve jobs referred to as ‘‘really cool engineering’’ at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010.

iphone 4 antennas iPhone 4 bad Reception Confirmed

Many customers have confirmed the problem by uploading videos on Youtube showing its bad reception. Bad reception issues have gained certain attention but still it’s not sure that the problem is in all the iPhone 4 handsets or just the few? It was the user experience provided Apple a competitive edge, but if this is the new experience that Apple has planned for its customers; it’s not going to work well. The problem is still unanswered by Apple.

Watch the videos below to see the reception problem of iPhone 4: