Ion based Nettop appears

By | April 8th, 2009

Nvidia released its Ion Platform specifications some months ago, and Acer is  the first company to finally release the small form factor Ion-based Nettop. The new system is named AspireRevo and is going to use the reference Ion platform. The package is a complete desktop replacement capable for running 1080p HD Video with full hardware-decode acceleration with Intel Atom processor and Nvidia Geforce 9400M graphics chip.

acer aspire revo 4 Ion based Nettop appears

The new platform is the first nettop to fully offer hardware decoding for HD movies, as well as run the Windows Vista and Windows 7 smoothly. This is a complete PC replacement for those who wish to do casual gaming at the same time use this as HTPC to watch high quality HD movies on a large monitor.

aceraspirerevo2 thumb Ion based Nettop appears

These are its specifications:

  • Nvidia 9400M GPU
  • Intel Atom CPU N230
  • Up to 4GB  DDR2–800 (dual channel)
  • Up to 250GB of storage
  • VGA, HDMI, eSata
  • 6x USB 2.0
  • 4 in 1 Flash card reader
  • Size: 180x1870x30mm

The new platform is expected to grasp the nettop market due to its awesome capabilities and competitive price of around $300. The new system will soon be available for open market.

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 Ion based Nettop appears

acer aspire revo 1 Ion based Nettop appears

mini acer revo Ion based Nettop appears

mini acer revo 9 Ion based Nettop appears

AcerRevo3 big Ion based Nettop appears

3449246031 d91eb4c3e9 Ion based Nettop appears