HP Mini 110 Reviewed: Yes

By | December 15th, 2009

Netbook market has boomed in the last one year and today it holds a major segment of PC sales. This large growth is invoked by the need of smaller yet power portable devices which gives longer battery times, are easier to carry around and does not compromise in giving best internet browsing experience.

HP has come up with several netbook designs which targets different market segments. Today we review HP Mini 110 entry-level netbook which targets students and on-the-go professionals who need a small PC to run the internet, make presentations and enjoy multimedia while keeping it with-in budget.

The HP Mini 110:

mini 110 HP Mini 110 Reviewed: Yes

The HP Mini 110 comes with standard netbook specifications but with some added features to make it more productive.

These are the base specification of the netbook.

Processor Intel Atom N270 1.60GHz 512KB 533MHz
Hard Disk 160GB 5400rpm
System Base Intel 945GM Express Chipset
Graphics Onboard Intel GMA 950
Screen Size 10.1 inch LED (1024×600)
Operating System Windows XP SP3
Battery 3-cell Lithium Ion Battery

-This comes with a price tag of $299

Upgrades: These upgrades are available over base configurations.

  • Upgrade to Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz processor – $25
  • Upgrade to Windows 7 Starter Edition 32-bit – $30
  • Upgrade to 250GB Hard Disk – $30
  • Upgrade to 10.1 inch HD 1366×768 Display – $35
  • Optional Bluetooth 2.0 – $25
  • BroadCom Video Accelerator – $30
  • Upgrade to 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery – $30

Design and Feel:
The netbook has a sleek built and weighs 2.4lbs and measures 1.3-inch thick, which makes it a little larger than the competition. The large edge-to-edge 92% keyboard has low flex that makes typing easier. It’s available in three colors, Black or White Swirl with imprint finish and Pink Chic styling. There is also a Studio Tord Boonjte edition available which comes with 3D casing design. Unlike most other netbooks, the casing remains smudge free and doesn’t attract fingerprints. Another unique feature is the glowing blue light for the Wireless LAN and power switch that gives a futuristic look. Overall, the product has superb build quality, though we feel HP could have gone for a thinner design.

HP Mini 110 HP Mini 110 Reviewed: Yes

Ports and Connectivity:

The netbook sports three USB 2.0 ports, two on the left and one on the right side. There is a VGA port which enable hooking an external monitor or projector that is much needed for presentations. There is a 5-in-1 card reader, Kensington lock and 10/100 Ethernet port. However, the HDMI port is skipped. HP has included a 0.3-MP Webcam with microphone to enable video chatting on this machine. The netbook features Wi-Fi b/g connectivity which supports up to 54Mbps link with a wireless AP.

Display and Video Playback:

The netbook features a 10.1 inch LED display that comes with either 1024×600 WSVGA or 1366×768 HD resolution. The display provides bright colors and LED offers better power savings than the regular CCFL LCDs. Video playback performance was good and the on-board Intel GMA 950 provides playback of up to HD 720p content. Though full HD 1080p ended in stuttering.

However, unlike most other manufacturers, HP offers Broadcom Crystal HD Video Accelerator for a $30 price premium which enables Full-HD 1920×1080 playback on this machine. This provides an attracting offer for those wishing to use the netbook as an entertainment machine.

Software and Performance:

Most people would use the netbook as their on-the-go companion, but works on laptops or workstation while home or at work. One key user need is to synchronize data between their workstation and netbook, and HP Mini has the solution. The netbook packs a synchronization software that keep your file synced on both the platforms.

hp mini 110 HP Mini 110 Reviewed: Yes

HP gives option for Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7 starter edition Operating Systems. All of these platforms run seamlessly on the netbook giving full productivity and support of all Windows programs. The netbook also comes with “HP Quick Web” platform which provides easy access to the internet without even starting Windows. Though access to other software is limited with Quick Web.

The performance of the netbook while browsing the internet is swift. Though due to single core processor and only 1GB of RAM, it is not suitable for multi-tasking or heavy processing. However, it should be enough for most common programs like word processing, watching pictures, enjoying multimedia and browsing the internet over high speed Wi-Fi connection.

There are lot of netbooks in the market with attractive features, but we find HP Mini to have scored in every category, while providing one of the best customer support and quality. Options such as Broadcom Crystal HD media player and Quick Web OS makes it unique. Though we recommend getting the faster Intel Atom N280 processor, at least 250GB storage space and 6-cell battery upgrade to make it more productive.