How to Heal the Invisible Folders in your Flash Drive

By | March 21st, 2010

The famous viruses like ravmon and newfolder.exe are very common. Once you plug in your flash drive in the port the autorun makes them work or you make them run yourself by mistakenly opening these folders. The worse part about flash drive viruses is that; even the most updated and advance antivirus couldn’t trace them, even if they do the damage caused is unrecoverable.

Recently, I got my flash drive damaged by a virus. The antivirus detected the virus but it was too late; all the folders in my 16 gb flash drive got invisible. Knowing all the old fashioned Dos commands I tried to recover the invisible data but it was completely helpless. Then I got my hands on Virus Effect Remover; it’s a freeware that can cure all the damage caused by the viruses.

The software is pretty easy to use. After running the software on your machine, open removable media details. If your flash drive doesn’t appear in the list; then click refresh removable media details and select the flash drive you want to heal. Finally click on Make all the files visible and all the invisible files and folders will appear in a new window.

It works pretty well. The software also Repairs and fixes OS items such as: Task manager, Reg-editor, MS-config, Folder Options and it can even repair the Windows Automatic Update: bringing it back to full operation.

Download Virus Effect Remover

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