How to enable iPhone 4 FaceTime on 3G

By | August 2nd, 2010

Apple introduced a very cool feature with iPhone 4, the FaceTime video calls. However, it only works over Wi-Fi and blocked to run over 3G. Now it is possible for jailbroken iPhone 4 to run FaceTime over 3G using the new My3G application. The app also enables you to watch high-definition media and run VoIP clients such as Skype over your 3G network.

iphone 4 face time How to enable iPhone 4 FaceTime on 3G

The features supported by this app includes the ability to select which apps to run on 3G, indication when an application switches from Wi-Fi to 3G, default configurations for most common apps and dynamically switches to Wi-Fi when available to name a few. It is available in Cydia app store for $3.99.


  • Jailbreak your iPhone 4 by following the procedure on this guide.
  • Open Cydia app store and search for “My3G”.
  • My3G will install RockApp as well.