How to enable GPS Services on iPod Touch

By | January 23rd, 2010

iPod Touch is a trimmed down version of an iPhone, and though some of the iPhone features are disabled on this primarily a music player, the iPod Touch owners have always tried to enable some functionality. An important feature is the use of location based services primarily GPS on the iPod Touch.

ipodtouchgps How to enable GPS Services on iPod Touch

The Global Positioning system (GPS) on an iPhone works flawlessly due to the GSM connection. However, some of the iPod Touch users have trouble using the GPS even when connected to Wi-Fi. The reason behind this is that your WiFi device is not registered in the Shyhook Wi-Fi databases. This databases encompasses most of the Wi-Fi hotspots around you, but your home or office router might not be registered.

You can simply register your router with the Shyhook databases by giving your e-mail address, the physical location of your router and its MAC address. The location based services for your iPod Touch through your router will be enabled with-in a few weeks time. Now you can spot yourself in your Map applications.

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