How to Display Battery Percentage Meter on iPad’s Lock Screen

By | January 7th, 2012

Some iPad users have enabled to show the battery percentage meter that is shown on the top right of the display. However it only shows when you are passed the lock screen. Just follow this simple tweak in order to show the battery percentage meter on the lock screen, something very useful while the device is charging.

However this requires you to turn off the “Battery Percentage ” from Setting -> General -> Usage option in your iPad. This has been tested on iPad 2 running iOS 5, however compatibility with iPad 1 is not confirmed yet.

Once the battery percentage switch is off, plug in your device. Now press and hold the home button and your iPad’s display with change from this lock screen:

To this lock screen:



…which shows the battery percentage of your iPad. Hence, it’s a quick information to know the current charge state and and to estimate a time before the iPad gets fully charged. Though the screen on the iPad might go black just after the battery percentage is shown. In that case, you just need to press the home button again and you’ll again see the lock screen with battery percentage.

Once you unlock the screen, the percentage option will disappear and your iPad will show default screen. You can always enable the meter from the Settings page and this modification will not effect anything else on your device.