HootSuite Updated with HTML5 Support

By | June 29th, 2010

HootSuite is a popular social media toolbox for managing multiple accounts, scheduling tweets and measuring success on the popular social media engines. This tool is widely used by organizations to market their products, effectively monitor and reach their audience.

hootsuite5 HootSuite Updated with HTML5 Support

The new version of the dashboard, HootSuite5 now bundles enhancements that makes it more attractive to its audience. One of the best features is the Geo-search which allows searching the tweets based on geographic location of the tweeters for targeted marketing. Its dynamic HTML5 content enables drag-and-drop sharing of images or files. The social conversations now load in real-time without the need for refreshing the page, making it more interactive. We can also see some performance enhancements that allow managing multiple accounts easily.

The update also integrates Google Analytics tools with the dashboard that lets the user track the traffic reports. Some small tweaks are there such as adding titles and description to facebook image uploads, use of old school RT with twitter and support for Japanese language with more coming in future releases. Visit HootSuite5’s blog to read more about the new changes.