Google Cloud Connect Bridges Microsoft Office with Google Docs

By | November 23rd, 2010

Google Docs is one of the most common online document sharing platform that serves millions of users. However, Microsoft Office is still the dominant desktop application to create and process documents and spreadsheets. Google has now moved to bridge these two platforms with Google Cloud connect add-on for Microsoft Office that integrates inside Office 2010, 2007 and 2003.

The plugin syncs documents constantly from your Desktop to your Google docs account. It makes backup copies of your desktop documents and shares it with viewers of this file that you’ve selected through your online account. It also syncs the updated file with others if this option is enabled. Mobile users will be able to access these shared documents as well.

The plugin was originally visualized by a startup DocVerse that was later acquired by Google. They have now been working for 9 months using Google’s resources to finalize a product that should work seamlessly. However the plugin is released in Beta stage initially to enable the developers to checkout the new features and spot bugs. Though it is expected to mature into a complete product within a few months.

The cloud based model will enable multiple people to collaborate on a single document at once. The system will ensure that everyone gets the latest copy of the file being edited. Since the plugin keeps record of each version, it is easy to revert back to older versions of a file in case something goes wrong. Google plans to take over the office users’ market by making this easy to use tool more interactive while keeping it free of cost.

The plugin is not available for Mac system at this moment due to some compatibility issues, but it’s support might be added later. Fill out this form to get notified when the plugin is publicily available. Read more through Google’s Enterprise blog.