Google adds Real-Time-Search to results

By | December 8th, 2009

Recently, if you might have searched for something in the Google, you should have noticed an extra heading named “Latest results for Google real time search” in the results.

Let me tell you something about this new happening in the Google search. This is one of the most brilliant achievements that Google has recently made. They call it the “real-time search”, which is being launched today. This new real time search which will give the user access to up to second information. With the help of search giant, Google will draw real time data from billion of pages on the web within seconds and displays the results under the real time search category. The new feature will show the results within the normal Google search pages. The real time searched could be paused from the tab on the top of it. The new feature will give the most comprehensive and relevant search results to the users.

google realtime Google adds Real Time Search to results

This is for the first time that a search engine has integrated the real-time web into its results page. The new feature will also include updates from Twitter and the social networks of MySpace and Facebook.

Google’s vice-president of search Marissa Mayer:

This is a technical marvel, getting all these updates in seconds, making them searchable right after they are posted and making them available so that anyone in the world can find them

Google is certainly increasing its search excitement. Very soon the feature will also be available on Smartphone’s and those running Google’s Android operating system.