Drivers Impact on Performance

By | January 4th, 2009

We all are familiar with software drivers. They are software programs which comes with hardware or a pre-set PC. But what’s their importance? Let’s digg it!

Let me explain you first that what drivers really are? As the name implies, drivers are the software programs that ‘drives’ the hardware. This might be a difficult concept to grab. Let me give you an example. A car driver is responsible for ‘driving’ a car, and without him, the car cannot move. The car is a waste no matter how good it is unless there is someone or something to ‘drive’ it.

The same goes with the computer hardware. The software drivers acts as ‘drivers’ for the hardware. Without them, the computer cannot recognize the hardware, and thus, is unable to use it. What’s different is that there is mostly a different driver for every different product. Otherwise, there is one driver for a series of products e.g. Nvidia drivers for Geforce Graphics Cards and Intel drivers for Motherboards.

Now we come to their importance. It’s been observed that drivers have huge impact on the performance of the hardware. That’s why, they need to be optimized from time to time. General benchmark tests shows that new drivers greatly increase the performance of the same hardware. The good thing is driver update is almost always free and can be installed without much hassle. All you have to do is to download new drivers from your hardware manufacturer site after every 3 months, or whatever time suits you, and install them as a program. This can improve the performance of your hardware by upto 5% to 50%!

As an example, I’ll guide you how to install drivers for your Nvidia Graphics Card, as graphics cards are most effected by driver improvements. Firstly, you need to download the lastest drivers. Click here to download new Drivers from Nvidia. Select your product and your operating system, and download the recommended drivers.

After downloading, first remove the old drivers to have clean install. You must have an administrator account to update your drivers. Now, first, you’ll have to uninstall your previous drivers. For that, go to:

For Windows XP and older:
Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs

For Windows Vista:
Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and features

vista add remove programm

Now scroll down to locate your current drivers program. Select them, and click on uninstall/change.
Press ‘Yes’ if its asks for approval and give administrative permission. It will now uninstall your driver. After uninstall is complete, restart your computer.

Now, when the computer restarts, go to the downloaded Nvidia drivers and run them. Allow it when it asks for your permission. It will then install the drivers for you. Restart!

When the computer restarts again, the drivers are installed! Wasnt it easy! Hurrah! Your computer is now up to date for running the games and softwares better. If you haven’t updated your Graphic Card’s driver since 3 months or more, it’s the High Time!

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