Brick House Alert offers Fall Detector for Elders

By | August 18th, 2010

Sometimes you have friends and family members who cannot mange without your help because of their old age, frailness, or any other disability or poor health. Nobody denies the incapacity that old age brings. Old people need more attention and care than anyone else in this world. Little negligence from your side can bring a lot of damage to them. It’s a fact that you are not capable of watching your loved ones all the time and sometimes this inability to be around them could cost too much. Why to take a chance when you have advance technologies to monitor and take care of them and assuring their complete safety.

For the same purpose Brick House Alert offers Medical Alert; a fall monitoring and panic button system. The system comes with a fall detector, a panic button and one base station with live reminders. All these devices are capable of maximizing the safety of your loved ones leaving no chance for them getting hurt. Fall detector is capable of sensing a slip or a fall and automatically notifying the monitoring station which is at service 24/7. After verification of the trouble the operator immediately dispatches the emergency services.

fall detector Brick House Alert offers Fall Detector for Elders

Old people need a care taker all the time, so that when they are in trouble somebody should be around to help them. Helping the same motive Brick home security has come up with a panic button. If nobody is around to help them, they don’t have to worry at all as panic button is always there to help them out. The panic button on Medical Alert comes in a necklace shape that could be easily wore around the neck, in times of need all they have to do is press the button and help is on their way.

panic button Brick House Alert offers Fall Detector for Elders

Helping old people with the weak memory, a live person is always there to help your loved ones and reminding them of important tasks, appointments and also their needed medication. Brick house alert home also offers several other products that can make them feel safe all the time, including inactivity detector, monitor smoke alarm, and signal repeater. These devices are reliable and have served people for a long time not only making their lives easier but also making them safe and comfortable.