ARM releases first multi-core processor for mobile devices

By | October 23rd, 2009

arm ARM releases first multi core processor for mobile devices

As the manufacturing technology continues to improve, finally the multi-core processors have reached the mobile hardware. ARM which is a leader in microprocessors have launched the ARM Cortex-A5 Multi-Core processor which is the first multi-core chip to power mobile phones.

ARM Cortex-A5 would be speedy and efficient; according to the company it would deliver high performance for smart phones and low cost devices. The device would be twice as power efficient compared to its predecessor ARM11, which was used for many Symbian smart phone and Apple iPhone. Besides it will support all software applications like Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile etc.

ARM Cortex-A5 is fully application compatible with older Cortex-A8 and A9 processors which are currently being used in popular devices like iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, Nokia N90, Samsung Omnia HD. Below is a list categorizing the ARM processors in terms of their performances:

  • A9: netbook level performance and power consumption, no device available yet.
  • A8: high end-Smartphone, like Iphone 3Gs and Palm pre
  • A5: very efficient and cost effective solution with lower performance than A8 and faster than A11 just announced
  • A11: Basis for Nvidia Tegra which runs ZuneHd.

arm cortex a5 ARM releases first multi core processor for mobile devices

ARM Cortex-A5 processor will start its shipment in the last quarter of 2009. What I assume is that with this speed in advancement in the mobile devices, after few years people would start preferring mobile devices over netbooks. The time ain’t that far when you will start managing your mobile devices in terms of multi-core, dual core or quad core processors, RAM, accelerated audio devices, Graphic cards and high storage capacity.