Android to become the Leading Mobile OS by 2014

By | October 2nd, 2010

After leading the mobile operating system market for decades, Symbian finally seems to tremble a bit. Many of the mobile manufacturers have decided to take their hands off the Symbian, Including the recent Sony Ericsson’s decision to walkout of the Symbian market and concentrate on Android and WP7. Earlier this month Samsung has made the same announcement that it won’t be producing anymore Symbian products instead it would be working on Android and is own operating system Bada.

This makes Samsung, the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world with a market share of 20%, and Sony Ericsson, the 5th largest mobile manufacturer with a market share of 3%, completely out of the Symbian arena.

The constant declining market of Symbian is quite obvious from its market share which was 51% of the total mobile operating system earlier this year, and has declined to 41% in the second quarter. At the same time Android has shown a massive shift in numbers this year moving from only 2% to 17%. However, Symbian is still breathing under the umbrella of Nokia, the world’s largest phone maker which is still using Symbian operating system for its high end phones.

google android future Android to become the Leading Mobile OS by 2014

Motorola has already shifted towards Android several years ago. One cannot deny that in the near future Nokia has to make the same choices to cope with the competition. It’s a fact that Symbian hasn’t helped Nokia very much with its smartphones market. The disappointing sales of Nokia recent key player N97 is the part of the same deal. Nokia’s upcoming N8; a Symbian 3 operated device is also expected to lead the crippled smartphones. This year Nokia smartphones performance remained poor in competition with the RIM, Apple and Android based systems. It’s only a matter of time that Nokia also takes its hands off the Symbian family and shift towards the android.

Gartner has also predicted that Android and Symbian would be sharing 30% share each by the end of 2014. Analyzing the current situation it is very obvious that in the near future Android would be at the top of smartphones operating system.

Source: UnWiredView