Alexa’s Sparky 1.4.7 review

By | January 8th, 2010

Sparky 1.4.7 is a free Firefox browser plug-in built by Alexa. It will help you in finding useful information like traffics stats, reviews, contact information and specially the demographics my favorite. Compare different websites according to their traffic information; know if the website is getting more popular or less popular.  Sparky 1.4.7 gives you all these information without interrupting your web browsing.

 Alexas Sparky 1.4.7 review

The most fascinating thing that sparky 1.4.7comes up with the RELATED LINKS for every page you visit. It will help you in finding the pages related to the one’s you are visiting. In a way you can move in between different related sites.

Key features of “Alexa Sparky 1.4.7”:

  • Related Links: Find sites that are similar to the one you are currently visiting.
  • Traffic Trend: A sparkline showing the traffic trend from the last four months.
  • Reach Meter: A neat little indicator that shows the site’s Reach.
  • Traffic Rank: Shows the current site’s Alexa Traffic Rank.