6 Most Expensive Nokia Cellphone Redesigns

By | July 5th, 2010

Elegance has become the desire of every person, but everyone cannot afford it. People with unique choices are always admired. Some people want to define their wealth in terms of their cell phone choice; this is where the elegant and fashionable designs come. There is no doubt that these unique designs comes up with a huge price tag on them. But to set your choice apart from millions, this price is reasonable.

World’s famous designers and jewelers have rendered their skills in integrating the remarkable gemstones with Nokia cell phones and have come up with something that is the true definition of elegance. These cell phones are designed for a niche market, which certainly comprises a very little portion of total cell phone market. The design of these cell phones speaks for their prices.

1. Nokia Supreme

Nokia Supreme is a fabulous piece of art, designed by Stuart Hughes. Nokia supreme is integrated with 12.5 carrot of pink diamonds in the form of 1225 individually set sparkling gems providing an extraordinary look. The central navigation key is replaced by a single 3 carrot piece of diamond that adds to its beauty, the navigation button is further covered with 83 grams of platinum. Moreover, Stuart Hughes has used platinum screws to cover the front and the back of the phone. Nokia supreme comes with a price tag of £99,995, see Product Page.

nokia supreme 6 Most Expensive Nokia Cellphone Redesigns

2. Nokia Crown

Another expensive creation by brand name Stuart Hughes. The hand set is integrated with 18ct of white gold handmade veneers. To further add to its beauty it is integrated with 40 top quality VVSI diamond colors F1.53 ct. The elegant gems are nicely fitted on the either side of navigation key. The diamonds glitter their way out from the scratch less silver body of the handset to the eye of the customer. This expensive piece of art comes with a price tag of £14,995.

nokia crown 6 Most Expensive Nokia Cellphone Redesigns

3. Diamond Encrusted Nokia N95

Nokia N95, one of the finest cell phones has also dressed up in gems. The standard Nokia N95, 8 GB is encrusted with diamonds. The layout of Nokia N95 is beautifully filled with tiny pieces of diamonds. Nokia N95 limited edition cell phone is designed by Amosu customized luxury products, coming up with a price tag of £12,000.

nokia n95 diamond 6 Most Expensive Nokia Cellphone Redesigns

4. Nokia N8800 Heyerdahl Diamond Limited Edition

Jewelers and designer Thomas Heyerdahl has come up with their design of Nokia N8800. Heyerdahl Nokia N8800 is a 100 pieces limited edition. 112 tiny pieces of diamonds makes a thin layer of on the front of the cell phone gives a fabulous glow, the diamond become more prominent on the black casing of the Nokia N8800. The navigational key is beautifully filled with diamonds further adding to its beauty. Heyerdahl Nokia N8800 comes up with a price tag of £4,782.

Nokia N8800 Diamond 6 Most Expensive Nokia Cellphone Redesigns

5. Nokia 8800 Gold Edition

The original Nokia 8800 was launched back in 2005. It’s a cell phone with less than average specification, having SVGA, 800×600 pixels camera and an average battery life. Internal memory of 64 Mb with no card slot. No Wifi, No USB .The original body of Nokia 8800 came up in two colors black and silver.

Nokia 8800 gold 6 Most Expensive Nokia Cellphone Redesigns

What happens when you put 24 K gold on a cell phone? Nokia 8800 Gold Edition worth’s £1,459, in which you get all the features of standard Nokia 8800 other than a special edition box and a charging dock.

6. Nokia Royal Edition

Nokia 8800 Royal edition is another piece of remarkable artwork. Nokia Royal comes up with 8.2 carat, color F diamonds consisting of 1160 tiny gems. Platinum carbon fiber and platinum screws at the front and the back of the body makes it more attractive. There is more 65 grams of platinum in it. Its box is made of granite and leather. According to the designer, 50 handsets of Nokia royal are to be made.

nokia royal edition 6 Most Expensive Nokia Cellphone Redesigns

Note: Prices may subject to change.