34 Apps for your Lifeless iPhone

By | December 20th, 2009

1. Pandora

If you are bored listening to same old collection of iTunes songs, you should probably try this app. I can assure you that you will love it. Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio, now available to stream music on your iPhone. It’s a music discovery service designed to help you enjoy music you already know, and to helps you discover new music.

2. Midomi

Midomi helps you find and discover music. You can identify just about any radio song when you hold your iPhone to a speaker. Besides, you could sing or hum any song and Midomi will identify it. Singing for at least 10 seconds will improve the accuracy. Shazam is another great app that also identifies songs after just 10 seconds or so.

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3. Remote

Remote is another free iPhone app. it turns your iPhone in to a remote control. So, wherever you are in your house you can control the music in the iTunes library on your computer and your Apple TV with a tap or flick of a finger. You can pause, fast-forward or rewind anything you’re watching or listening to, or even switch to a different playlist.

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4. Yelp

One of my favorite apps; yelp uses the built-in gps of iPhone to let you find any nearby restaurant, bar, banks etc. The application also offer thousands of reviews from the passionate users about their favorite eating and drinking spots. Urban Spoon offers a similarly helpful local eatery locater.

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5. ShoZu

It’s a very simple and useful application. ShoZu take pictures with your iPhone built in camera and upload them right away on the social media websites like facebook, flicker or any blog.

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6. Writing Pad

A brilliant application which enables you to enter text in to iPhone by tracing word shapes rather than typing letters. Each shape traced on the soft keyboard with your finger is recognized as a word. Writing Pad lets you drag your finger along a virtual keyboard to spell out words. It seems odd at first, but works surprisingly well once you get going. You might need some serious practice to get good at typing this way.

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7. Stanza

Everything is going electronics, so why not the books. Stanza is a free app for your iPhone, a wireless electronic library. Use it to download vast collection of books and periodicals and read them right away on your iPhone. Add as many books as you want from a large library of public domain titles, or add lengthy Word or PDF files from your computer.

8. Jott

For all of you guys who hesitate typing on your iPhone like I do. This would be the most appropriate application for you. With Jott Assistant and Jott for Sales force, you just call a simple phone number, speak your notes, messages, or updates and hang up. Jott Voicemail works the same way, but your friends, family, and colleagues are the ones leaving the messages when they call your number. Then, Jott takes the spoken messages, turns them into text, and sends them to the right destination via email, text message, or web update.

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9. Google Mobile App

Probably the fastest way to search, Includes search by voice and local search. It gives quick access to Maps, Gmail, and more. As soon as you start typing, the search box analyzes what you’re looking for and scans both the Web and your phone’s address book. Find a nearby business or a friend’s address or phone number.

10. Textfree Unlimited

Currently, the best alternative to high SMS plan costs, offering free text messaging using Push Notification. Textfree Unlimited, a $6 app with a free lite counterpart, aims to let you send text messages for free, without using the SMS app or your mobile provider. Other apps such as SMS Touch have the same aim, but Textfree handles Internet-based texting much more elegantly.

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11. MxTube

Downloading videos from YouTube is no more a problem. MxTube will let you download your favorite YouTube video for playback.

12. Ocarina

Ocarina is a free musical instrument. It is an amazing application, based on a simple concept of blowing in to your microphone and playing the notes on your iPhone screen. The application is meant for both the beginners and the professionals. Ocarina is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements, making it even more versatile than the original. Unlike other musical applications, there are no pre-compiled riffs so musicians will find unlimited opportunities for self-expression.

13. Skype

You might have used Skype on your computer, now Skype is right here for your iPhone. It’s a full featured application including free voice calls, sms and instant messaging.

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14. Google Earth

I have used this application on many Smartphones, but using this application on iPhone is amazing. Get the whole planet earth in you iPhone.

15. Word Press

An easy way of maintaining your word press blog.

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16. Brushes

Brushes is a natural media painting application designed from scratch for the iPhone and iPod touch. Featuring an advanced color picker, several realistic brushes, multiple layers, extreme zooming, and a simple yet deep interface, it is a powerful tool for creating original artwork on your mobile device.

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17. Face book

My favorite app, maintain your facebook account from your iPhone. Share status, pictures stay connected with your friends all the time.

18. PDF Reader Pro

It’s a .pdf file reader, a very simple but useful app.

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19. Photogene

Awesome image manipulation tool with features you’d normally only get on the desktop Photography.

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20. LinkedIn

With this application its easy to manage my LinkedIn account from my iPhone.

21. Sketch Pad – Unlimited Canvas

Draw, doodle, and write notes on a huge canvas. It’s great for notes and scribbles.

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22. eBay Mobile

For people like me who are always looking for some good online shopping and don’t want to miss a minute for bidding on cheesy items. With eBay mobile you can manage your eBay accounts with the same convenience that you get over your computers.

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23. Radio

Its family of Internet Radio applications available through the iTunes App Store, including Scanner Radio(TM), Weather Radio, Euro Radio, Public Radio, Canada Radio, Australia Radio and Sports Radio(TM). Listen to over 6400 radio stations anywhere in the world! Now with Facebook and Twitter support.

24. Air Sharing

With Air Sharing, you can:

  • Mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer
  • Drag-drop files between your iPhone or iPod touch and your computers
  • View documents in many common formats

25. Keeper Password and Data Vault

If you have to store your passwords somewhere in order to remember them, Keeper is the place to do it.

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26. Movies

An excellent app for movies addict, Get up-to-date information about films showing in your area.

27. Dictionary.com

This pocket dictionary will help you in improving your vocabulary, use the dictionary without connecting to the internet, it’s absolutely free.

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28. Currency

An app for all the business persons , it quickly find exchange rate information and convert amounts.

29. KuGon

Improve your thinking, speed, and memory skills in just minutes a day! KuGon is a next generation of brain teaser that pushes your number combination to new levels.

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30. Wiki Tap

It’s the same Wikipedia that you use daily on your computers, now you can get an easy approach from your iPhone.

31. Night Camera

Although iPhone camera is only 2 MP, but still the picture quality is excellent and it is considered as a good cell phone camera. Taking images from IPhone at night is some times blurry; a little handshake can completely ruin the picture. The new iPhone night camera app has a solution for your blurry images; the app will help you create better images at night even with the shaky hands.

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32. Microsoft’s Bing

The second most popular search engine Bing arrives on iPhone making the search easier, right away from your iPhone. The App is absolutely free.

33. IMDB

I love searching for new movies. The only place where you can get the latest and most relevant information about the movies is IMDB. It’s the biggest online internet movie data base. The app recently arrived on iPhone. You should probably check it out.

34. Tweetie – atebits

This app is the 2009 Apple Design Award Winner! Tweetie is a fast, full-featured twitter client for iPhone and iPod touch, some of its features are:

  • Handle multiple twitter accounts
  • View your timeline, replies, and direct messages
  • Manage your favorite tweets
  • Browse your friends and followers
  • Post new tweets, repost tweets
  • Reply directly to tweets and send direct messages
  • Follow and un-follow people
  • Block/unblock users
  • Navigate reply chains
  • Inline web browser
  • Inline TwitPic image viewer
  • Upload pictures to TwitPic
  • Update your twitter location

For complete information about Tweetie visit AppBoy.