ZOTAC 9800 GT – review and guide

By | November 21st, 2009

Today I received my 9800GT, a card that I love and it can play almost any game. The graphics card has NVIDIA’s G92 chip containing 112 Stream Processors. The model I selected is ZOTAC ZT-98GEY3G-FSL which has 1 GB DDR3 memory and designed specially to consume 40% less power without compromising the performance.

 ZOTAC 9800 GT   review and guide

Why I selected ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT

The main reason for selecting the model ZT-98GEY3G-FSL is that it’s 40% power efficient based on new technology. This means that I don’t have to change my standard 350W power supply. The older versions of 9800 GT recommends a powerful power supply that costs almost half the price as the card. This model has 1 GB GDDR3 memory and gives 2 DVI and 1 S-video output. After rebate I got it for just $99.

How to install graphics card

This is simple but those who are doing it for first time might feel some difficulties. A word of advice: be gentle with everything otherwise you may end up damaging some capacitors or other components from either graphics card or motherboard. The card almost fits to the space around PCI express slot so you need to be careful.

 ZOTAC 9800 GT   review and guide

1. Uninstall previous card’s or built-in card’s drivers:
First step is to uninstall any previous graphics driver from you PC. That’s simple just go to control panel and remove the drivers. If you don’t find them there go to device manager and uninstall any graphics driver.

2. Remove RAM

You have to remove the previous graphics card, of course, if you have it. The next step is to remove RAM. That is not necessary but most people recommend to remove RAM before inserting the new Graphics card.

3. Insert Graphics card into PCI express slot:
If you don’t know what slot it is, put the card over them as it will fit in only one slot. The slot which is different form others is the slot. The card fits upside-down on the slot, you’ll figure it out.

 ZOTAC 9800 GT   review and guide

4. Connect your Monitor to the Graphics card:

If you don’t have a graphics card before and you use built-in graphics chipset, then this point is very important. Now you have to connect the input of your LCD or CRT monitor to the output DVI of graphics card. I your LCD doesn’t support DVI or you don’t have a DVI connection cable, then use the DVI-HDMI Adaptor that comes along with the graphics card. If you don’t do so, you won’t be able to see any display on the monitor.

 ZOTAC 9800 GT   review and guide

That’s it you are all set to turn on you PC. All you have to do know is install the 9800GT driver that comes in the CD along with the card. Restart you PC after installing the driver and experience the graphics!