Yet another HP slate video, still want iPad?

By | March 9th, 2010

As Apple announced the release date of iPad, HP has officially posted another 30 second video of their upcoming slate/Tablet. The video teaser has absolutely nothing new after the comprehensive video chat that HP posted about a month ago. The only possible outcomes of this video is that either HP is going to release their slate very soon (probably before iPad) or they just want to tell the world that HP slate is coming, it’s better than iPad, so don’t go for iPad!

HP claims that this product will the best at browsing – no compromises – meaning that unlike iPad it will have a flash support. Furthermore HP slate will run Windows 7, which means it can be a complete PC replacement;  game lovers can put all their flash games in it.

In a nutshell, HP slate will:

  • Have a flash support
  • Run Windows 7 (hence a PC replacement)
  • Have Multi-touch screen, just like iPad
  • Come with expected USB and HDMI port and a Camera at front for video chat

Here we have a comprehensive video about the upcoming HP slate w.r.t flash support:

Still no word on official technical specs, but meanwhile you may also like to read: