Wood + Tech + Design = Oree Wooden Keyboard

By | September 24th, 2012

Look down at your keyboard or mouse, what do you see? The same old un-inspired plastic keyboard and mouse buttons that you’ve been seeing for ages, everything evolved but these accessories did not. Well, it is about time that somebody did something about this. Orée, with their new Bluetooth 3.0 wireless wooden keyboard, brings nature as well as style to your rusty office environment. Orée is a small company started by a French entrepreneur named Julian Salanave, who designs the handmade keyboard by himself.

Oree wireless wooden keyboard Wood + Tech + Design = Oree Wooden Keyboard

Each keyboard is made out of single piece of wood, either maple or walnut, which means that each keyboard will have different grain and texture making each unit unique. Each keyboard is polished, rubbed and oil painted before it’s shipped to it owners making you wait for almost a month after you orders.

oree walnut and maple Wood + Tech + Design = Oree Wooden Keyboard

While ordering Orée, you will get several custom options, first being the wood, compatibility (Windows/MAC), custom font on keys, specific layout or your desired design and finish (will cost extra). The overall package is listed at a price of $164 +$32 for shipping worldwide. Quite steep, but worth the design.

 Wood + Tech + Design = Oree Wooden Keyboard

The Chiclet design is what we have been saying a-lot recently and there is no denying the fact that they are inspired by Apple’s keyboards. Aesthetically the keyboard is spot on, we haven’t seen much of innovation in this department, yes – we do get high response keyboards and mice, but those really are for gamers, we love how the keyboard looks, Orée is also trying with custom engravings, but there is no news yet if it will make it to their official store.

oree 2 640x374 Wood + Tech + Design = Oree Wooden Keyboard

If $164 is a little hard to swallow for you, and you want the aesthetics of Orée, you can give Bamboo wireless keyboard + mouse combo a shot, the package costs only $82, which is a bargain in front of Orée because you get a mouse as well. The main difference is the finish, instead of maple or walnut finish you only get a bamboo finish, polished and oil painted before you get them.

UKEYB008600 04 L1 Wood + Tech + Design = Oree Wooden Keyboard

If the Oree design inspired ou and you want to get your hands on it, you can place on order on their website, just follow this address, customize your own keyboard before finalizing and placing the order, and if Oree is not your cup of tea, we suggest that you give bamboo another look, you can order that from amazon for as low as $67.