Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer

By | October 15th, 2012

Modern technology has its pros and cons; while it gives you the freedom and flexibility it takes away the reliability factor. Digital cameras made their impression when they first came out, after that smartphones came around and changed the portable camera theme all together. While it is great to have a camera with you in your pocket, tangible photographs are a little out of reach, and maintaining them in portable drives and computers leaves them on the mercy of viruses, yes you can transfer them to flash drive and get them printed but it contradicts with technology theory.

The next gadget we are about to review will change that, amateur photographer would love it. It is a printer that connects wirelessly to an iPhone or Android-powered phone and prints accurate and beautifully colored photographs. An app would send the picture to the printer which is available on iPhone and Android allowing you to print from anywhere at your home. The printer prints without ink cartridges, printing 4” x 6” borderless photographs at 300 dpi resolutions and churning up 16.7 million colors.

The pictures are printed on patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals producing rich, vibrant photographs that are waterproof and resist fingerprints, dust, and scratches. Instead of inserting colored cartridges you will be inserting a paper cartage which will give you 10 prints; additional paper cartridges which will be sold separately. The printer is compatible with all iPhones including the iPhone 5 and iPod models along with android phones running android version 2.0 and above. The printer would be sold at $220, which is not bad at all considering the features and portability, the paper cartridges will be sold at $25.