Wireless keyboards for smartphones

By | October 22nd, 2012

Some of the heavy texters aren’t pleased with capacitive touchscreens and their adaptation by all manufacturers. Some of the users like to have the mechanical feedback and they feel incomplete without a hardware button. No to worry though, you can use any of the following gadgets to connect your phone remotely and type away:

Mini Bluetooth keyboard

The mini Bluetooth keyboard fits right into your palm and is perfect for hour long of typing. It connects easily with Bluetooth and can pair with Android smartphones and with iOS devices as well, so connectivity is not a question. The sleek and slim keyboard is easy to use, all 49 keys as a matter of fact which you can use as gaming controls as well.

With its Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity the setup becomes easy and all you have to do to get it working is “pair”. So summing up the highlights, it is small and light, works on Bluetooth 2.0 and the keys are comfortable to press, what else do you need. The mini keyboard will cost you only $23, for that price, it is a perfect gadget.

Where to Buy: Link

Logitech Keyboard for Android 3.0 Plus

You could always rely on Logitech to bring you the latest and finest quality products. The wireless keyboard is ideal for tablets running android 3.0 and plus but it will work with all android devices which are running android 4.0 and above. The keyboard comes with a carrying case which you can turn around and use as a stand for your device.

Although it can be connected to smaller devices but it is advised to use it with tablets. Unfortunately the keyboard pairs with android devices only, so if you are looking for a wireless keyboard for your iPad then you must consider alternatives. The Logitech keyboard will take away $48.53 from your bank account, which I won’t mind for the quality.

Where to Buy: Link

Black QQ-Tech Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Next up is Black QQ which runs on Broadcom BCM 2042 chipset and is compatible with ipad, iPhone, iPod, Android tablets, PC and notebooks. The chip itself uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology so it is fast and produces timely clicks. A lithium ion battery powers the keyboard which can be recharged by micro USB, in return of full charge, the keyboard will 24 hours of WORKTIME.

We have already covered compatibility, which clearly isn’t an issue. The next thing in which the keyboard excels is its portability as it can be folded in half, so you can carry it around with ease. At a price of $32 we feel that it is a steal.

Where to Buy: Link

Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

Verbatim jumps in the category of wireless keyboards for smartphones as well with its Bluetooth folding keyboard. Sharing the tradition edgy verbatim looks the keyboard is a treat for the eyes, being sold in black and white color options makes it a better deal.

The keyboard utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 so it can connect with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2, Samsung galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom like tablets, not only that, compatibility with blackberry devices has also been confirmed. In the package you will get a keyboard, carrying case, iPhone stand and 2 AA batteries, we would have preferred a lithium ion charging option but as long as it gives good battery timings it is worth it. You can order the keyboard from amazon for $45.

Where to Buy: Link