Windows Phone 7 on iPhone – April Fool?

By | April 1st, 2010

Woocash-kun a 17 years old from Poland has claimed to build a theme for iPhone that looks like Windows Phone 7. We don’t know whether it’s fake or not as it’s not available for download. All we have, for now, are few images and a video demo.

wp7 on iphone Windows Phone 7 on iPhone   April Fool?

What makes us think that it is fake? Well see what Woocash says: (Make sure you see the video demo after this comment)

IT’S REALITY. I’m use it non stop, but I’m not sure about realesing it now. Maybe when I going bored and change theme to another. But now, it’s only on my iPhone

The theme appears to run pretty smooth on iPhone, besides it looks nice to have WP7 styled apps icon on your iPhone, so let’s hope it’s not another April fool attempt. [via slashgear]

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