Windows 8 Features and Release Date

By | February 12th, 2010

The Windows 7 was a great success after disappointing Vista experience. Being an aged Microsoft user, I can say that Windows 7 is as secure as Windows Vista but as efficient and Win98. But is Windows 7 the best operating system right now? Yes it is, after using MAC OSX, I must say MAC and Linux are not even close to what Microsoft offers plus Windows 7 has great user experience. So what’s Microsoft’s plan for future; John Mangelaars claims that the all new Windows 8 will be mind-blowing and all-new operating system for next generation of computing.


It is expected that the Windows 8, a completely different operating system, will be out by July 2011 (RTM), however the final release is expected in 2012. According to sources, the next version of Windows will have a next generation user interface (different from windows 7). That makes me excited, can’t weight to see what Microsoft has for us in the!