Windows 7 Experience with GeForce and ION Graphics Processors

By | July 16th, 2009

You need a proper software plus hardware combination to get the maximum out of your system. To fully utilize the fautres of Windows 7, you need a proper GPU. There are more than 140 NVIDIA’s GPUs that fully supports all the features of Windows 7. See the complete list here. To perform desired tasks like enhance photos, edit videos, watch movies, play games, or if you simply desire a fast and efficient desktop, NVIDIA GeForce and ION graphics processors (GPUs) provide a superior experience.

On NVIDIA website, it says that NVIDIA and Microsoft have been working together to produce great Windows 7 experience with NVIDIA GPUs. The complete harmony between Microsoft’s ‘DirectX Computer‘ and NVIDIA’s ‘CUDA Architecture‘ creates an amazing Windows 7 experience. DirectX Compute is supported on current DX10 class GPU’s and future DX11 GPU’s. There is much more to learn about DirectX Computer and CUDA. If you want more detail visit the CUDA ZONE.

It is believed that the GPU is needed for only gaming graphics, but it greatly impacts the other multimedia tasks in your day to day routine. The video quality of the movies that you watch gets better, the overall presentation quality gets better and it removes a lot of load off the processor. Moreover NVIDIA provides many tools to enhance the video quality, add additional effects, edit the photos to a better shape and much more.

[via NVIDIA]