Will i am’s Vintage casings get’s priced, not for the faint-hearted

By | November 29th, 2012

Will I am, the former lead singer of the Black eyed peas has decided that the iPhone line up needs some ‘Bling’ and suggests that it needs an added accessory. The accessory deemed for the iPhone will not only be a case, but will work as an extended lens for the iPhone 5 as well boasting the camera resolution to 14 megapixel by adding a sensor, not only that, an extend LED flash will be there to take those paparazzi style shots – assuming that is what you would be doing. So, if you got tons of money, live in England and have a poor taste, then I am+ is perfect for yes that is what it’s called.

Will I am along with intel’s director of creative innovation, with the former CEO of Fusion Garage Chandra Rathakrishnan now serving as the CEO behind Will.i.am’s new venture and are the master mind(s) behind this concept. There will be three types of cases up for grabs, the most basic one will be sold at £199, yes you read it right and the prices don’t stop here, they go up to £299 for the rather ugly case which will serve as a camera attachment and as external physical keyboard:

They keyboard does actually look kind of useable, but to spend $299 on that? I’d rather get myself a new phone Thank you. Anyways, if you would like to get your hands on the cases, they will be available starting December 6th from Selfridges with the iPhone 5 supported models “Coming soon”. The iPhone 5 will be getting all the love though, but, with the extended 14 megapixel lens who knows what the price might be for them, I think one would be better off buying an actual camera.

In our opinion, i.am+ are ridiculous, spending £299 just to get a ‘Vintage’ look, might as well call it a physical Instagram. Anyways, that’s that, share your views about this ‘interesting’ accessory for the iPhone, do you think it will work?