Which headphone to buy

By | July 30th, 2009

Headphones are not the same as they were before, they have become advanced, better and smarter. Headphone these days are well designed, according to ear, and offer technologies like noise canceling. A good device expects a good headphone, that’s why I have selected some according to category.

iphone headphone:

  • Apple In-Ear Headphones:

These are the headphones that go into your ear and settles so well that they won’t pluck out of the ear neither do they hurt the ear. One major advantage of In-Ear headphone is that it stops the voices of outside word, hence you need to keep your eyes open 😛

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Now something about the technical specs, the earpiece has a woofer and a tweeter that results in rich, detailed, and accurate sound reproduction and amazing bass response for all types of music. Among control you have the option to adjust volume, pause/play, next/previous, record, answer and calls. The headphone is compatible with ipod and iphone and is priced at $79. See the complete specs and detail here.

  • Apple Headphones:

If you have a low budget or not looking for those headphone that go into the ear, then you can try apple  simple headphones. Although it lacks some technologies that In-Ear has, but it’s also worth buying.

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This heaphone is also compatible with ipod and iphone and have almost the same control options as mentioned previously. The price tag is $29 and is available for purchase at Apple.

cheap headphone:

If you’re looking for a cheaper headphone set that can go with almost every device you have, Philips SHN2500 is a good option. The headphone comes with Active Noise Cancellation Technology and will cost you only about $15.

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Philips believe that this headphone removes up to 70% of the external noises, they are easy, soft and creates a perfect seal from the background unwanted sound. It has a 3.5 mm connector that works almost every device. However it needs a AAA battery in the noise cancellation box, which makes it a little bulky, other than that it’s a good option.