Water proof iPad case

By | August 28th, 2012

Nobody wants their device to get scratched up, considering it’s an iPad then you surely don’t want that because it does not come cheap. You want to protect it from scratches, dents, screen cracks and maintain its delicate structure. We have seen cases that would do the job just fine, rugged cases like otterbox had actually been doing that for ages, but needs have changed. You want to carry your device everywhere, let it be a beach, sauna or even swimming pool (not in it obviously). Well the point is that the things might get a little “wet” and there is obvious danger that you will damage your device.

The LifeProof’s Nuud iPad case is here to change that, yes it is a waterproof high grade case that protects your device from water say if it fell in a 6 feet deep pool; it will protect your device from dust, shocks and accidental drops as well. The case encapsulates the iPad so much as so it becomes its new housing. A clear glass covers the screen; it is high grade and extremely clear so that it does not affect the retina display quality you love. You can take your iPad anywhere, let it be snowboarding,  tracks or anywhere rough where you would previously avoid, record videos, snap photos without worrying about damaging the device. Sound gets enhanced as well, thanks to the built in sound cavity; it amplifies the sounds producing better result for the rather modest iPad speakers.

Currently LifeProof is offering the case for $139 at bestbuy and wallmart. For ease, they also offer other cases such as folio cases and few screen protectors as well. Covers plus stand are also available for $30 which you can snap on to the case for landscape use.

Source: Lifeproof