Virgin media braodband, fastest internet provider in Great Britain

By | October 15th, 2012

In these modern times when everything has gone digital, it is rather important to have a good broadband connection, either you are a small business looking to break out or you are a student and need the internet for research, all have different needs but have one common demand, seamlessly fast internet. Almost all service providers rely on fiber optics to connect you with the world and is the most reliable connectivity option giving out uninterrupted signals. So, I believe it is the perfect time to review the most impressive broadband service provider.

Virgin Media Broadband – Great Britain

Virgin media broadband caught our eyes as it was named the fastest ISP in Great Britain. Catering the needs of small business, students, corporate  homes and firms, the virgin broadband reaches staggering speeds and offers a great number of packages as well. Virgin broadband can reach speeds of up to 100 MB/s and can download your HD movies in round about 6 minutes, that 4 GB of data in 6 minutes, impressive to say the least.

Packages offered

Virgin broadband offers connections of 30, 60 and 100 MB/s speeds which are offered at £7.25, £11.25 and £18.25 respectively for the first six months after that you would have to pay £14.50, £18.50 and £25.5 respectively, still not bad considering the impressive speeds.

For a small home, the starter package is perfect; with the speeds it reach you can download a full HD movie in round about 20 minutes and a whole music album in just 18 seconds. You can choose the package which tempts you the most and if your region does not have fiber optics then you don’t have to worry, just fill out an application and virgin broadband will do the rest. Heavy downloaders don’t have to worry as there is no cap on the download limit and security is not an issue as all customers will be provided with free internet security.

Always on the move?

If you are always on the move and require the broadband connection, then virgin media will offer you Mobile broadband facility as well with their USB broadband. The downloads however are capped, meaning there would be a restricted amount of data you could use. For £12.26 per month, you will be allowed to download 3GB worth of data and for £8.17 a month you will be able to jog down 1GB of data.