Viewsonic’s ION-based nettops look pretty sleek

By | July 29th, 2009

Recently, viewsonic announced its VOT series of nettops that uses Intel Atom processor and Nvidia ION platform. The six nettops are modeled as VOT132, VOT130, VOT120, VOT121, VOT530, and VOT550. Although these nettops may not be as powerful as other available, yet they are slim and look smart.

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Now something about the technical specs, VOT130 which is priced at $331 comes with Intel Atom 330 (dual-core) processor and NVIDIA Geforce 9300M graphics, with RAM up to 3GB and hard disk up to 250 GB. It includes Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, a DVI-I connector, six USB ports and a HDMI port. Keep in mind that DVI port is still quite rare in nettops yet. The hard drive is 2.5″ which along with other components packed tightly in a small sleek box.

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3768342110 18d6ed59f8 Viewsonics ION based nettops look pretty sleek

Viewsonic also provides an optical drives which is the same size as the nettop, which actually clips on the nettop (due to magnets on both optical drive and nettop). So with the drive your nettop becomes double story without degrading the style and looks. These nettops also come with a cool stand it you want to keep them in upright position. Check this cool video:

Personally I really like these nettops, especially the VOT130, it’s afforable, stylish, slim and yet have powerful specs. The white color with a lot of ports and functionality makes this nettop ideal.