UseNeXT provides Fast, Simple and Safe access to Usenet

By | October 8th, 2012

File sharing can often turn out to be pretty nasty, with slow download speeds, dropping servers and terminating network connections it becomes a difficult task to share your work with the world. Since the advent of World Wide Web, file sharing has molded itself into something very easy to use and understand, but the technology which surpasses it was established a decade before ‘www’ was born, yes, we are talking about Usenet.

Usenet is one of the oldest computer network communication system that uses UUCP protocol to transfer and share files. You must have heard about TCP and UDP communication protocols and UUCP might be new to you, UUCP was originally developed for unix and it stands for Unix to Unix Copy.  Usenet provides you with a platform to share your content and work. Every day, millions of users share their ideas on almost all kinds of subjects dubbed as “Newsgroups” which you can browse and have access to. What Usenet provide is 2500 terabytes of data through single software; one of those is UseNext client.


First-time users won’t get confused with the interface as it is self-explanatory, at first start up, Usenext requires you to enter your user name and password. For a trial service, UseNext offers 50GB of free download. Logging into the account will take you to the main page which will offer you categories on the left hand side and news groups beneath them.

Newsgroups are typically accessed with newsreaders: applications that allow users to read and reply to postings in newsgroups. These applications act as clients to one or more news servers. Newsreaders are available for all major operating systems. You can directly communicate, post comments and asses the files through one client, however, they are not moderated and you have to be careful while accessing the data.

You can search books, articles images, videos, games and even specific forums through the Usenext client. You can customize many settings as well, select the settings tab and you will be allowed to change the download path or add proxy server if you use one. You can also do custom searches according to your favorite news group.

UseNext Download Speeds

Downloading files through the client is a breeze as well, the files download at DSL speeds and you can cancel your download anytime through the process. And the speed maintains, if you have a 1MB connection, the file will download at around 150 KB/s similarly a 7MB/s connection will download the files at the rate of 900 KB/s.

UseNext availability and pricing

UseNext client is available to download on Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems. You can go for a 14 day trial version which will give you access to 300 GB worth of downloads. Along with system support, UseNext is offered in 9 different languages. To download UseNext follow any of the following Link:

Windows: Download

Unix: Download

Linux: Download

After the trial expires, you will be asked to follow up subscription which comes on three different terms. You can go for a 30GB/month cap at 7.95 euros/m (12 month subscription req), 80GB/month cap at 9.95 euros/m (12 month subscription req) or you could go for an all out 250 GB/m at 19.95 euros/m. You can signup for UseNext here.