Usenet, an easy way to download bulk software’s

By | January 10th, 2013

Are you a technology lover? Do software’s play an important role in your daily life? Well, i am on the same page. I love to try out new software’s, most of them turn out to be pretty productive and i end up using them regularly. The fact that annoys me is that i have to visit individual pages for the software’s. Say i wanted vlc player, i would go to their websites, it will take me on several pages and then after 3-4 minutes my download will begin. Sometimes it isn’t even guaranteed if the download link is alive or not. That is where Usenet comes in.

What is Usenet?

What Usenet does is that it provides you with newsgroups. In essence newsgroups are hierarchies or ‘Categories’ created by different users, collectively these ‘Categories’ care called as articles and all articles contain specific software’s. Usenet collect’s  the database of these articles from other Usenet users and broadcasts them with the information and downloadable files. One of the advantages of Using Usenet is that it’s pretty fast, since the files are in binary – the transfer rates are extremely high. There are many Usenet clients out there – but unlike torrents, the Usenet service will cost you a bit.

Why would you want it?

Well, this is one good question. Usenet is home to the latest downloads. Unlike Torrents’ where download’s show up after a few hours, Usenet will provide them in a jiffy. Unlike torrent’s you don’t even have to wait for seeds to go up, if the file is there you can get it at your normal broadband speed, unless of course your broadband provider is absolutely crap.

Where can i get Usenet?

There are many clients out there which can provide you with their services. Most of them charge around $15 per month. Since Usenet is not P2P, somebody somewhere is paying for the server’s to run and paying to keep them alive for you. But, having said that, the service is completely worth it. One of my favorites is the which provides blazing fast downloads – the prices aren’t to shabby as well, at 8 euro subscription per month it is a steal. The service provider also provides a trial version, you can take it out for a spin as soon as you sign – up.

Usenet is a download junkies heaven. Not only it is faster than torrent service, it also provides more download options to the users and you get all of your software’s at one place. If you would like to find more about this service – just check out the features page of