Use iPhone or iPod Touch as Air Mouse for Mac and PC

By | November 25th, 2010

I remember that making Air Mouse using gyroscopes used to be one of the difficult projects for computer engineering students. But thanks to Apple’s gyroscopes and MotionSense technology by Movea, you can use your iDevice as a cursor input for both Mac and PC. The Air mouse don’t need any surface to work, just wave your iPhone or iPod Touch 4 in the air and the MotionSense technology will track your moves. Along with cursor control the app also offers gestures recognition and much more.

It’s very difficult to track what’s in user’s mind, accurately; but the MotionSense technology, which is a patent and trademark of Movea, makes it look easy. The technology leverages both the Accelerometers and Gyroscopes of your iPhone to give you the output that you need. Of course, users can adjust the cursor sensitivity to match their hand with brain. The Air Mouse application is not only limited to cursor and gesture recognition; it also has countless tools like zooming, image tools, keyboard, volume and media control buttons, WEB action buttons for browsers, Presentation/Slideshow controls and others. You can also set your custom defined buttons to do anything you like. Download your Air Mouse application for $1.99 from itunes. Direct Download link.

Update: There’s another such app by the name Mobile Mouse. According to reviews, the Mobile Mouse Pro (that costs the same) may be a better option.