Use Intel SSD Toolbox to get maximum SSD Performance

By | September 28th, 2012

Keeping a track of your hard drive could be a little hard to tackle, fragmented drives, out dated drivers and improper formats could leave you muddled. With the rise of Solid state hard drives came utilities to control them, Intel recently updated the SSD toolbox to version 3 which gives you added functionality that I’ll cover in this post. All in all the toolbox is an excellent utility for you to take control of your SSD.

SSD toolbox for ssd Use Intel SSD Toolbox to get maximum SSD Performance

Install the application and launch it, you will be greeted by a well design interface; the main page displaying information of your installed hard drives, their firmware version, model number, serial number, capacity and drive health as well.

Selecting the Intel SSD tab will highlight all the functions of toolbox. The operations are displayed on the left hand side, displayed first is “SSD Optimizer” which works as defragmentation works for HDD’s, it also displays when the last time you ran the check was. Quick diagnostic and full diagnostics will run to see bad segments of your drive and will fix them for better performance.

Secure Erase

Secure erase feature will perticularly come in handy when you have to sell off your device or if you want to use it on another system. Secure erase cleans up the drive without leaving behind any traces of the file and hence there is no chance left for recovery. To perform a secure erase first select the the drive from SSD tab then select Secure erase tab on left hand corner and then click “Erase” option on the screen, Voila everything safely removed.

Update Firmware

intel ssd firmware update 600x4491 Use Intel SSD Toolbox to get maximum SSD Performance

Perhaps the most highlighting feature of SSD toolbox is the firmware update, in previous versions this option was missing. When an update is available, it notification appears on top of the icon. just hit the Update button and let the tool do the rest.While the feature is great, lack of update information and update scheduling is missing but it does display the update version and information so you could search it before updating (recommended).

As with previous version, the free utility from Intel provides a tuner that suggests optimal configurations depending upon system specifications. The System Tuner displays services that can be optimized for use with the selected Intel SSD. If a service is available and can be optimized, Tune! appears next to the service name.

Smart Details

Smart details1 Use Intel SSD Toolbox to get maximum SSD Performance

In the main panel, clicking the “SMART Details” button would guide you to a detailed chart of your drive information revealing information like drive temperature and errors occurred.

Help and Navigation

Jumping back to main page is easy as well; just press the home button right above the details. If you want more information and details about functions of toolbox, intel has included a detailed help menu to guide you with information – for that, just press the “?” button right next to home button.

help Use Intel SSD Toolbox to get maximum SSD Performance

All in all, Intel’s SSD toolbox is a very useful application that could save you a lot of time and hassle maintaining your hard drive. The features like firmware upgrade and erase are truly helpful and you can never complain about easy to use interface.

Cost: Free

Download Intel SSD Toolbox