Sleek Universal Notebook Charger for $99

By | November 22nd, 2009

ReTrak has produced a cool Notebook charger that will work with almost every laptop on the planet. The product is suitable for those who have multiple laptops at their home/office. Even if you have only one laptop, you’ll really wish to have this product. The charger supports up to 90W of power which is sufficient for most of the laptops and is designed with retractable cable for ease. The cable can be stretched a long way and provides charging from a distance of up to 9.5 ft.

universal laptop charger Sleek Universal Notebook Charger for $99

The charger comes with 9 different adapter tips that can support almost all laptops available in market. The charger has 2 USB ports on it giving the option to charge your gadgets through USB port.


  • 9 Different Adapter Tips Fits Almost Any Notebook
  • 9.5 ft. Wire+Charger Length
  • Bag Included for Cables, Tips and Charger
  • 2 USB Power Ports
  • Power: 90 Watts
  • Price: $99.99

long notebook charger Sleek Universal Notebook Charger for $99

The charger is compatible with famous notebooks of following companies: see complete list

  • Acer
  • HP
  • Fujistu
  • Toshiba
  • Asus
  • Gateway
  • Sony
  • Dell

retractable cable Sleek Universal Notebook Charger for $99

The charger comes in a beautiful packing that includes a carry bag for the adapter tips and the cables. The charger is portable and suites for travelers too. If you like this product, can spend $100 (which seems expensive for a charger),then I’ll definitely recommend it.

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