Txtr beagle is the world’s cheapest e-reader, will sell for $13

By | October 10th, 2012

In the world we live in, there is no shortage of gadgets. E-readers in particular are praised by many for their long lasting batteries and affordable price tags. Even the bigger names like amazon and kobo give away their e-book readers at a cheap price tag, but are they really cheap in front of txtr’s beagle? Well, to put it in a perspective the cheapest kobo e-reader is for $54 and cheapest amazon e-reader is for $65 whereas the beagle will be sold for $13, no, it’s not a typo. The German company plans to sell the baby e-book reader at the cheapest price tag.

The reader however is different from competitors. You get a touch screen, 3G option and not even Wi-Fi connectivity, what you would get instead is a bare-bone e-reader with Bluetooth connectivity so that you could share your e-books through your phone and read it on beagle. There is an app on Android just for that (Android ICS and above). There is no standard battery as well, you would have to insert 2 AAA batteries to get it running, however, those three batteries will last you a whole year with daily use.

Beagle will use 5” e-ink display along with 4GB of built in memory and can cache up to 5 books at a time. The reader weighs only 128 grams with batteries and is extremely thin at 4.8mm. The good part is that it will handle almost every format of books like pdf, epub and even jpeg’s (image format). The specifications and price tag is very tempting.

Although it is a full fledge e-reader, the company suggests that users consider it as an accessory for their smartphone. At $13 and cheaper than the cover I bought for my Nexus, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

The reader is expected to release soon, there are apps available on android for txtr experience, you can check it out here.