Turn your iPod into an iPhone with MorphCase

By | September 6th, 2012

The title says it all, iPods deliver almost the same functionality to that of iPhone but lack the connectivity option. This became more of a bother when Apple removed support of messaging clients from non GSM devices – which up till 2010 were available to all platforms. Since then communication has been a major issue. IPhones are not accessible to everyone, and iPod (touch) are very popular with teenagers and music fans, it would be great if you could send those random texts and make calls.

So, if you own an iPod and would like to add additional feature to make calls and send texts then you can get the Dexterity’s MorphCase, this unique contraption will do the trick for you and convert your humble iPod touch into a functioning phone. The case fares well with 2nd – 4th generation of iPod’s and furthermore – you don’t even need a Bluetooth device or earphones to make or receive a call, that is thanks to the case, which plugs into the 3.5 mm jack and amplifies the sound through its speakers – the additional mic will work great as well.

There is a catch though, it does not turn your device into a GSM device, it will allow you to use VOIP services, you could connect to Wi-Fi hotspots and place calls but the GSM connectivity you will miss out on. The case is available in black, white and a limited Chromax. The case will be retailed at $50 but you can get your hands on it for $35 if you pre-order it right away.

Source: Coolest-gadgets